About Rennó, Penteado, Reis & Sampaio

Our History.

Our firm resulted from the consolidation of major and recognized boutiques in the areas of Environmental, Real Estate and Regulatory Law that, due to their synergy, shared works and clients. Together, they devised an institutional model based on the multiboutique concept.

The first team welcomed associates in the areas of Litigation, Arbitration, Tax Law, Corporation Law, Property and Estate Planning coming from renowned Brazilian firms.

Thus, we solidify the idea of uniting several areas of Law, becoming able to structurally support national and multinational companies, natural persons and family-owned companies both on their routine matters and more complex legal problems.

Multiboutique Concept Pro-Business.

Based on rigorous values of excellence and ethics regarding compliance matters, we have the mission to be a multiboutique, pro-business firm, operating with responsibility, expertise, objectivity and focus on settlement of legal matters.

Once we are structured in an open space office setting, we benefit from the constant exchange of experience and ideas amongst our areas of operation, attaining a more thorough overview of our clients' activities when it comes to their different sources of preoccupation and their interaction with business partners and authorities, allowing for an assertive legal operation.

We are a result of the solid academic foundation and background of our team members, which allows us to deliver—more than technical solutions— creative and innovative solutions for every kind of business.

Many of our professionals are also professors in major centers of Law study, both in Brazil and abroad, however, without steering away from their entrepreneurial and executive natures, providing our firm with a privileged position on the discussion about matters of the forefront in Law and in the attraction of new talents in the legal area.

We practice efficient advocacy.

We believe in efficiency and simplicity, without putting creativity and sophistication aside, when it comes to finding solutions for the specific demands of every business.

We operate collaboratively with our clients, so we can help them achieve their goals, always seeking the best legal alternatives and anticipating any risks.

We have a wide presence.

Our firm has branches in both Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, also operating both judicially and extrajudicially in the main Brazilian cities.

We have also an international footprint, with associates based on Lisbon, licensed by the Portuguese Bar Association (Ordem dos Advogados de Portugal, OAP) and partners in many other countries.

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